Hi everyone. I’m Gordon, and I live in the very beautiful region of the United States known as Northern New England.

This blog will be a sister site to a YouTube channel. The About page has the details. The short hand version … this blog will help to show where a life in mathematics or the sciences might lead. The YouTube channel is there to help in solving problems in math, chemistry, and physics.

For the student, my hope is that your visits here will inspire you and your visits to the YouTube channel will help build a tool kit you’ll carry with you for a long time … because the goal really isn’t to become good at chemistry, or to develop an in depth familiarity with quantum mechanics. Instead, the goal is to learn how to solve problems. Time and effort will bring confidence, and sooner than you imagine you’ll look at a problem knowing your capabilities and resources (your tool kit) will take you to an answer that will be a good one. Success! … and greater confidence, and more success ….

It will be fun. See you at the white board.