Cool Pix of the Week


I am a big fan of APOD – Astronomy Picture of the Day (and thanks to regular posts by a dear friend, a growing fan of Matisse and Van Gogh), as well as a photographer, so this image above all that were posted this week on the NASA website caught my eye.

The image – Black Sun and Inverted Starfield – was taken in a specific color of red light, rendered to black & white, then inverted. The star field around the sun was inverted and added. The composite image provides details that would ordinarily be difficult to observe without the process. The long white filaments are clouds of charged hydrogen gas, the dark areas regions of intense magnetic field strength, and prominence are visible around the edge.

I would agree that the image of the very powerful Supercell Thunderstorm Cloud over Montana was very impressive, but nothing in my mind beats the awesome power of the sun.






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