Tracy Caldwell Dyson/Chemist and Astronaut

Dr. Tracy Caldwell Dyson is a chemist and NASA astronaut. She was a Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Endeavor and was part of the Expedition 24 crew on the International Space Station in 2010. She has completed three spacewalks, logging more220px-tracycaldwellbyphilkonstantin than 22 hrs of EVA including work to replace a malfunctioning coolant pump.

Her studies were conducted in California. She received a B.S. in Chemistry from California State, and a Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of California. Her academic career included performing environmental monitoring of laboratories; processing chemical and radioactive waste; work on surface reactivity and kinetics of metal surfaces; and investigations in atmospheric chemistry.

Her NASA career has included work on two missions and 3 EVAs during her 188+ days in space. She has flown in the Space Shuttle Endeavor and Russian Soyuz capsules. Dr. Dyson is also the host of a series on NASA TV called “Station Life”, which focuses on life aboard the International Space Station.

Several YouTube videos you might enjoy are here:

Astronaut: Space Walk  

Astronaut: Skills from Childhood

Astronaut: Education


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