YouTube Upload – Density and Specific Gravity

Wednesday is Chemistry Day! We’re starting with problems concerning density and specific gravity. You can find Set 1 here. The second set of problems is here.

Some of you will note that I move freely between English and metric units …. it’s the way I was brought up. I think there’s a value to using different unit sets because of the opportunity to do conversions at the end of a problem … “okay, the answer is 452 pounds per cubic foot … what is that in grams per cubic centimeter?”  You get the idea.

There will be another set of five problems on density and specific gravity before we move on (Okay, it’s done). What’s next in Chemistry?  We’ll do solved problems relating to temperature measurements, atomic and molecular weights, formulas and composition, calculations from chemical formula, thermodynamics, equilibrium in solution, and more. Fun stuff!

And Friday will be Physics Day! More fun stuff! See you then.


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