For Fun – The Leidenfrost Effect

While it is true there was some great content on APOD and Nat Geo this week, what really caught my eye was a short video on YouTube. Entitled “10 Amazing Tricks with Water“, the 6 1/2 minute video demonstrates how to set up and execute 10 fun effects with liquids. The liquids were water, corn syrup,  cooking oil, dish soap, and isopropyl alcohol, so nothing dangerous.

The trick “Liquid Stacking” was visually really pretty, and the “Water Fire Starter” has been used on the trail when my matches were still wet from a previous night’s rain shower. The coolest trick was the Leidenfrost Effect.

It turns out a really hot surface (higher than 200 C) causes an insulating layer of steam  under a drop of water. This boundary means the water will take longer to evaporate. And the water drop moves … because why? … add enough water and swirl the pan a bit and you get a stream of water continuously running around the edge of the pan. How fun!

And I thought Bernard cells were cool …. and they are … but this is perhaps just as cool. Folks in the business have developed The Leidenfrost Ring to demonstrate the effect. Take a look:

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Everyone have a great week! See you at the white board.

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