YouTube Upload – Physics / Motion in a Vertical Plane

More physics fun … this is the first set of problems relating to motion in a vertical plane. You can find it here.

Everyone will probably recognize the essential elements of classical physics we’re starting to add to our tool kit – the appearance of the gravitational constant in some of the equations is the identifier. “Ah,” you say, “Newtonian Mechanics.” … and right you are … but would you recognize the name Leibniz?

Leibniz was a German mathematician, physicist, philosopher (and more) from Newton’s time. He developed differential and integral calculus independently of Newton (but is hardly ever mentioned), and looked at the world in such a different way at times that some of his ideas are just now being recognized as valid. He predated Einstein, as example, by arguing that space and time are relative, not absolute. Some people also look at other aspects of his mathematics and see the initial concepts of quantum mechanics. Cool dude, and worth studying.

Have a great weekend everyone, I hope you enjoy the problem set. See you next week at the white board for more work with vectors, temperature measurement, and motion problems.


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