YouTube Upload – Physics / Laws of Motion


Good afternoon everyone. I’ve uploaded the second of two problems sets introducing Newton’s laws of motion. You can find them here.

It’s always a good idea to have a systematic approach to solving problems, especially in the sciences, especially in beginning physics. Here’s a process to consider, and one which I’ll do my best to demonstrate as we go along:

  1. List variables and unknowns as you read the problem.
  2. Draw a picture (you don’t need to be Rembrandt or Matisse).
  3. Plan how to find your unknown ans choose an equation to use.
  4. Solve your selected equation for the unknown.
  5. Plug your numbers in and calculate.

Pretty easy once you get the hang on it. I think drawing a picture is so helpful ’cause a lot of times it helps you see what you need to do.

I hope you enjoy this set. another will be uploaded soon.


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