YouTube Upload – Empirical Formula Calculations

Chemistry_UploadHello, all. I’ve uploaded a set of problems relating to empirical and composition calculations. You can find the set here.

As with physics problems, it really helps to have a method to use while solving chemistry problems. Given the nature of the science, an understanding of the principles around a given topic allows you to create a path to follow that will take you from a set of given information to an answer. With a clear path to follow, the remainder of the problem solving process is writing everything down correctly and punching the right buttons in a calculator.

I’ve attempted to demonstrate this (and will, hopefully, continue to do so, and correctly). An empirical formula gives the ratios between elements in a compound, that gives you mole ratios, which provides mass ratios …. This means you can calculate how much of a reactant you’ll need to produce so much product, as example …. and scale doesn’t matter … master this and you’ll be able to tell how much Chlorosulfuric  acid (and toluene, and nitric acid, and …)  you’ll need to produce 100,000 bottles of acetaminophen with 60 pills in each bottle … and that makes you a chemical engineer …

See you at the white board again next week. Peace.


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