Cool Jobs – Mathematical Modeler

Some lucky folks get to use mathematical models to illustrate processes or solve complex problems. These skills can be applied to a number of fields including animation, theoretical chemistry, sociology, and more. Many mathematical modelers use their mathematical modeling skills along with software technology to create and animate 3D representations of processes. A mathematical model of water can be used, as example, to understand dissociation of salts and the creation of hydration shells around metal ions.
Mathematical modelers pinpoint the essence of what makes something work, be it a jet engine, a social network, the economy, or even a galaxy, and phrase it in mathematical language. Starting points for models of natural systems are often the equations learned in first year physics or chemistry. Modelers encode the main features of the process with equations, and then simulate it. By doing this, modelers can gain a deeper understanding of the process and often conduct experiments (that would otherwise be unfeasible or even impossible to do), and predict future behavior.
People in this career path work in dozens of different industries from aerospace to zoology. In entertainment focused industries, mathematical modelers may work on technical teams in video game design, video game programming, animation, and film and video.
Workers in this field typically hold a Ph.D., but not all employers require one. In some cases, a master’s degree and experience may be acceptable. If you’re interested in using your mathematical skills in the animation or gaming industry, you might consider a minor in animation or game design or taking related courses.

Learn a bit more about this very cool career path:

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