Automotive Engineer


Automotive engineers design the systems and mechanisms of cars. These professionals ensure that automotive designs and systems conform to budgeted quality and cost specifications. Similar to other types of mechanical engineers, automotive engineers analyze potential problems in design and work to solve those problems, design and retest prototypes of cars and car parts, and oversee the manufacturing of automotives. They may be found working in an office setting or within an automotive manufacturing plant. Within their line of work, automotive engineers may utilize tools such as workshop presses, grinders, and machine tools to construct prototypes for testing. Computers also are a big part of how automotive engineers do their jobs.

Auto Engineering

Automotive engineers typically work as a team, working more than full-time to complete their projects and prototypes. When you have a passion for designing or working on automobiles, an automotive engineering career might be the right choice.


Few colleges and universities offer a bachelor’s degree program in automotive engineering. Earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is the path many future auto engineers take. Within a mechanical engineering program, students may have the opportunity to specialize or concentrate in automotive engineering. These courses may cover automobile dynamics, engine parts, alternative energy sources, fuel cell systems and powertrain dynamics.

Employers typically look for the following skills in prospective employees: Mathematical Skills; Creativity Skills; Problem-Solving Skills; Listening Skills; Mechanical Skills.

While a master’s degree in automotive engineering is not required to workin the field, earning this higher-level degree will provide students with advanced knowledge and skills. In addition to learning about innovative designs and systems, a master’s degree will also provide research opportunities and could lead to career advancement.







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