Recently I came across a rather large stack of notes and solved problems I made both as a student and as a high school teacher of Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. It didn’t take long to decide to review and redo the problem sets … primarily as part of an effort to keep my mind sharp … also because it’s fun (yes, I’m that type of guy).

I also decided to share … with my nieces, nephews, grand nieces and grand nephews … with the student who needs to see a problem solved one more time to understand the method … as well as the parent who wants to help with homework but doesn’t fully remember what happened in class so many years ago … and for those reasons I created SolvedProblems4U, or SP4U. We’ll go through the problems together via videos uploaded to YouTube.

My idea is to select a topic in either chemistry or physics and solve one or two sets of problems for that topic. Before doing so I will review the mathematics used and solve a set of two of problems to help build familiarity with the techniques involved.

I’m sure this will be fun, and I hope you find some benefit in it as well. I’ll follow no particular order in the topics I cover and may not limit myself to basic Chemistry and Physics. I will be open to suggestions on material to cover via comment or email (solvedproblems4u@gmail.com) … and no, for the extreme optimist, I will not do your homework for you.

In addition to posts about the latest YouTube upload, the SP4U blog will have other articles  – cool jobs available for those who study math and science, cool people who have , and perhaps something just for fun too.

Spring 2017

– An update … I usually lug a camera around with me, and take an image every now and then. I’ve decided to add a photo gallery to the site with the hopes it will be a bit more interesting …

I hope you enjoy your time here. See you at the white board.